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Check out Hotrod Ponce's first indie action adventure documentary style film that he wrote and directed that debut in January 2018.  Unlike other hollywood movies, this film features Ponce's real friends, family and elite private contacts.  The story is adapted from his real life adventures in Norway, USA, Mexico and Belize. A guerrilla style creation filmed by Hotrod Ponce in uncontrolled environments without any permissions. The film was awarded Best First Time Director in Los Angeles, California USA three months after it's debut and nominated Best Documentary in London and other parts of the UK. Sadly, Hotrod Ponce deterred away from the racing world and disappeared.

The Ultimate Rally movie 2018 ° An LMV film
A guerrilla style movie filmed without any permissions. Created by Hotrod Ponce

Trouble Song remastered Cary Windham & Smoken Embers Band * The Ultimate Rally soundtrack * Soul Country Music from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

The Minority Racer Story - Shattered Dreams from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

Life is the Ultimate Rally - How to make things happen - Push it to the Limit from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

WRC, KING OF THE HAMMERS, SCORE International BAJA, IRC and Rally America – Smart Investments with world wide results

Sizzle Reel for the movie about the Minority Racer Story

WRC is televised in 188 countries in 21 languages, including the Discovery Channel HD, with a total audience of over 816 million plus 12 million visitors to 2012 will see a total of 12 rallies staged across the world, including Mexico. WRC MEXICO has an attendance of more than 300,000 spectators.  Ponce, the Minority Racer has survived 2 WRC Mexico events withour any prior rally experience, a super limited racing budget, and racing gear back in 2008 and 2010.

Ponce and Bill Bridge will return to Guanajuato, for WRC Mexico as the local favorite team for the 3rd consecutive time to race against the top world teams in 2012, they also plan on adding the WRC GERMANY to their challenge in the future.  Ponce raced for the host city of Guanajuato in 2008 & 2010, he was the first and remains the only driver to ever race and finish from Guanajuato Capital.   Ponce is the only Mexican American driver in the history of WRC MEXICO to ever finish 2 consecutive rallies without any prior rally experience.

The King of the Hammers race has grown since 2008 to be the Ultimate Desert Race in the world and now has over 50,000 spectators, Ponce remains the first and only Mexican racer.  KOH is covered by Pinned TV, ESPN, Spike TV, Speed Channel, FOX Sports and popular magazines such as Crawl Magazine, that prints 80,000 magazines per month and are distributed in the USA, Canada and Europe.  Ponce returned in 2011 with new teammate Dave Gutwillig in an Ultra 4 rig (alias the Piñata) built by Dave Gutwillig and Javier's Gulf Coast Crawl Shop, to be the first mexican american team to race and finish 37th out of 100 teams.  They started off on spot 37th and maintained a constant pace thru the desert and rock sections, without any pre running.  3 Movies have been released by Pinned TV, "First Crusade 2008", "Second Crusade 2009",  "Anarchy 2010", and "Valley of the Kings 2011.  The team appears in 3 of the recent movies.  Bridge and Ponce reunite for 2012, more updates coming soon...

Bill Bridge drove his supercharged Ford Buggy while Ponce rode shot gun for the KOH LCQ 2010.  Pinned TV mounted a camera in their race rig to capture the action and carnage of this unique team.


“This event is as crazy as it sounds and everything you have heard about it is probably true,” Ponce said with a laugh. “It is so hard to even get into, let alone compete at, just being able to say that you were there and your team was on the course is something. It takes am incredible amount of work on everyone’s part to make this a reality.  “You learn new things every year and one of the things I learned was about how to prepare your body for the event,” Ponce said. “You pass people on the side of the course throwing up and having other issues because of the violence involved in this race so there are some basic steps I take to prevent that, like eating a ton of cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before the race. That tends to stop things up pretty well. By the end of the race, if you even make it that far, your whole body hurts and is swollen, bruised, etc. It is the most intense thing going.” We told you this is hard core. 

Ponce and Dave Gutwillig and Jaiver Ibarra joined forces to take on the The King of the Hammers 2011 race, Ponce planned a unique team strategy that proved to be a success.  Ponce started and finished the race doing the desert sections then jumped into the co driver seat to navigate Dave Gutwillig, who raced and crawled his fabrication in the desert and rock sections.   Both managed to start and finish in spot #37, without any pre-running, no beadlocks, only 4 good sticky comp tires, no radio communication with their pit team, and no GPS!  The team flag waved proudly and never fell down, the fans cheered on this team at every check point, it was an unbelievable experience.


Minority Racers racing the King of the Hammers from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

Unlike other high budget racers, Ponce and his Minority racing crew practice with what is available even if it means racing along the Rio Grande River between Nuevo Laredo Mexico where gun fire is heard frequently, but they are used to it and say it helps to add more adrenaline to the pre running.  These remote trails are criss-crossed by drug smuggling and human trafficking routes. Here are some videos of Ponce pre running his Jeep King Multi Purpose Cherokee capturing all the video with the new state of the art AEE Magic cameras.  "No Proof, No Glory"  - "Sin Prueba, No hay Gloria"   His new rally racing concept was feared by many top racers but he never gave up on this unique multiple terrain challenge and was contacted by a well known indie film producer to make The Ultimate Rally movie that debuts in 2018.

The Ultimate Racing Bet from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

The GORM (German Off Road Masters) 24hr Race is an intense endurance off road rallye race with multiple vehicle classes held each year in Schwerin, GERMANY. This world class event is a televised event. This was the first time a Mexican American participates in an off road endurance rallye race of this kind in Germany. Ponce partnered up with professional race car driver Michael Podlogar and Dennis Meyer of WERK-1 Racing Team for this event, Paris Dakar winner Jutta Kleinschmidt also joined the team, they raced in a Petrol Suzuki Jimny 4x4 and placed 5th in Class T1 and 16th overall out of 45 teams.  Here are 2 videos of some of the action.

The Score Baja Races are the toughest, most spectacular off-road races in the Americas since 1962 and are covered by several major networks at a worldwide level.  In 2013, Ponce had an opportunity to pre run the Baja 250 and 500 when he helped Arturo Benavides, SNORE 2011 VORE Champion.  Ponce has been offered a racing opportunity with a European Team and will be taking on the Imperial 250 and Baja 1000 for the new SCORE WORLD DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014Ponce plans on using all the skills that he has learned from past multi world class motorsports. So keep an eye on this unique Mexican American Minority Racer in the Baja 2014 season. 

Ponce, the Minority Racer, helps guide 4 USA and 1 Australian Team from Texas to colonial Guanajuato for the Maya Rally 2012.  He managed to safely guide them thru Nuevo Laredo, the most dangerous bodertown in the Americas, which is the haven for the US Mexican drug cartels.  Then gave the teams a trail run at a private off road park that he founded back in 1999 known today as Planet GTOROCKS.

The FIA Baja Poland race is the most popular FIA cross country off-road rally race in Europe that consists of 800kms (500miles) held in the desert like terrain of Szczecin Poland. Ponce is excited to use his unique old school navigational and driving skills.  This will be the first time a Mexican American competes in the FIA Cross Country World Cup Rally Series.

Baja Poland Promo Video from PZM on Vimeo.

Ponce and Despain placed 3rd in Modified Class


Ponce, the Minority Racer, has innovated a great concept of locating and restoring American classic cars for his Norwegians friends.  He calls this job "Chasing classics all over the world to make you happy."  Here is a video of a Classic 1970 Ford Pony Convertible that grew up in Texas but now resides in the southern coast of Norway. 

Car Chase into Mexico - Drive it like you stole it! * Better Call Saul from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

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CRAWL Magazine from CRAWL Magazine on Vimeo.


2009 King of the Hammers Second Crusade Film
Full length feature film directed by Pinned Productions Mike Badami.

King of the Valleys 2011 Movie
King of the Hammers, potentially the hardest single day off road race in the World!

2011 King of the Hammers "Valley of the Kings"
Click here to purchase

2010 King of the Hammers "Anarchy" Movie
Directed by the award winning Mike Badami and Pinned Productions.

KOH Ultra 4 Racing 2011 Series DVD
2011 Brutality DVD Package!!! Pre order the DVD and you get a 2011 Ultra4 Tour shirt, all for the lo



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